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The Wildcraft Forest Incubator supports the development of locally produced goods and services that includes aspects of development, production, marketing and retailing. Our incubator provides services and co-mentorship for workers, entrepreneurs and for neighborhoods. 
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The Wildcraft Forest Emporium offers books, prints and digital products from our gallery and from our online shops. Explore our E-books; artistically modified books and posters; and used books. We always have an offering of old collectible books. 
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An E-book by D.H.Elzer

This e-book represents a composition of runes gathered by a wildcrafter while in the presence of great Mother Trees. I have created this book because a handful of people have found what I do and how I describe it all, as being inspirational. So it is my hope that these words will provide a bit of Sun light for their lives, and will become a constant reminder that they are never alone - that they and the forest are one.

This book contains a few excerpts from various courses that I teach, which are like conversations. Here at the Wildcraft Forest School we have created teachings which are intended to strengthen the work that is required as humanity and this planet, Gaia, transition into the future – our work is influenced by our Wildcrafters Promise.

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