"Better Living - Naturally"
Imagine a place that helps you to define your spirit, your life and your connection to Gaia. Imagine a place where you are in a community with others, a place where you will find the support required to make the changes
you know you need to make.
Imagine a store as a deep forest outpost that defines itself not by the economy but by doing good work for people and the planet.
Welcome to the Wildcraft Forest Emporium.

Wildcraft Forest Emporium
Production Facility and Store Inquiries
1981 Highway 6, Lumby, British Columbia
Discovery Centre – 250.547.2001
The Wildcraft Forest Incubator supports the development of locally produced goods and services that includes aspects of development, production, marketing and retailing. Our incubator provides services and co-mentorship for workers, entrepreneurs and for neighborhoods. 
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Living Better Naturally
At the Wildcraft Forest Emporium you will find a farmgate and wild plant nursery as well as a collection of shops and studios in a forested village located in British Columbia Canada. We create unique arts and crafts, books, prints and digital products, wildcrafted teas and other wellness products. We also collect and restore collectibles, antiques and other items in order to support our efforts as we restore and regenerate remote forests – everywhere.

You are welcome to visit the Wildcraft Forest Emporium, or you can experience what we have to offer within one of our online stores.

Wild Farmgate

Our Wild Farmgate offers unique wild plants and trees from our plant nursery. We also have fresh produce and fruit in season and wild botanicals.
Our wild teas, oils and essences are available year round.

Fine Art and
Craft Gallery

The Wildcraft Forest is one of British Columbia’s oldest artist run centres and continues to be a source for unique arts and crafts inspired by nature. You can browse our studios and gallery and you can also visit our online store. 

Books & Posters

The Wildcraft Forest Emporium offers books, prints and digital products from our gallery and from our online shops. Explore our E-books; artistically modified books and posters; and used books. We always have an offering of old collectible books. 
Tea and
Wellness Shop

Wildcraft Forest creates world renowned wild teas and cocktail blends. Our wildcrafted culinary and wellness products such as massage oils, bath teas, essences can be found in our gallery and online.

Antiques and Re-Store

At the Wildcraft Forest we collect and restore collectibles, antiques and other items in order to support our efforts as we restore and regenerate remote forests. You can visit our antique and re-store shop on the edge of the forest or you can visit our various shops online.
Visit Us

Here’s where you can find us. We’re at the edge of the Okanagan where it meets the Monashee Mountains. We offer guided tours and workshops. You can also stay with us.

Our Work

The Wildcraft Forest is home to the Wildcraft Forest School where we offer skills, insights and inspiration for creating good stewardship and positive change in the world. We engage our participants in transformative education that includes wild dynamics, personal empowerment, responsibility and co-mentorship. Our camps and online courses integrate experiential learning and ancient wisdom within the context of wildcrafting and forest therapy that we call Yasei Shinrin Yoku. 

Our Extension Program represents projects, tools, advocacy and services which are delivered by the school through student and volunteer engagement and through social enterprise activities like the Emporium which help to sustain and regenerate planet Earth and Sanctuary Forests.

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