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1981 Highway 6, Lumby, British Columbia
Discovery Centre – 250.547.2001
The Wildcraft Forest Incubator supports the development of locally produced goods and services that includes aspects of development, production, marketing and retailing. Our incubator provides services and co-mentorship for workers, entrepreneurs and for neighborhoods.
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Have a Wild Christmas!
The Wildcraft Forest has 150 Christmas Trees available for sale between now and December 20th. This offer is primarily for residents in the North and Central Okanagan and Greater Vancouver. Please order your trees before December 2nd because we don’t cut them unless you order.

We harvest these wild Christmas Trees as we thin the forest, which is connected to the regular stewardship process that we perform; when the trees are growing to close together the mortality rate for the trees increases dramatically so by thinning them the remaining trees grow strong and the understory thrives. In this natural ecosystem the trees are not very full so we carefully bind two and possibly three trees together to make for a fuller Christmas tree. We also “top” large trees that have naturally fallen to the ground, and finally we dig out smaller trees that need to be moved and then place then into pots. After the season is over you can replant these trees, which are offspring of “Mother Trees”.

The varieties of trees that we have are Douglas Fir, Spruce and Ponderosa Pine. You can also purchase a Wild Christmas Pack, which includes decorative material found in the forest; a potpourri of wild botanicals we have harvested from the forest; and a package of Wildcraft Forest Tea.

  • All Trees are Wildcrafted
  • No Chemicals or Pesticides
Please order by December 2nd
Trees will be delivered for pickup at central locations in Kelowna, Vernon and possibly Vancouver. We can also deliver the tree to your door in Vernon and Kelowna.
A Large Christmas Tree
5-6’ Tall - $55
To order by phone call the forest at: 250:547.2001

For home delivery in Vernon and Kelowna there is an additional $15 charge.

Pick up locations will be posted by November 20th.
Have Your Christmas
Support Planet Earth…

By purchasing a Christmas Tree from the Wildcraft Forest you are contributing to the regeneration of the nature. We collect old growth tree seeds from interior mixed forests and Inland Temperate Rainforests propagate the seeds into seedlings and then plant these trees in remote riparian areas, which will not be logged. We are endeavoring to collect seeds, germinate and plant 10,000 seedlings by 2021 using the “old ways” of plant spirit medicine.

In our wild plant nurseries there are no chemicals used and we germinate and grow trees in the historical soils that Mother Trees thrive within. This work is very labour intensive and when we nurture and plant the trees we do so without corporate and government contracts because our work is “mission” based and our planting is often done covertly as we restore ecosystems that have been largely ignored by corporation and government.

By purchasing a tree from us you support our “Seeds to Trees Program” which considers whole forest systems that are “wild” so we plant propagate and plant not only trees but under-story plants that represent the guild that supports each tree species. We also seed forest clearcut areas with native flowering plant species so that more pollinators will be supported within these areas. We are supporting honeybee pollination by increasing the population of wild flowers within bee foraging range, which will aid in the health of bee colonies and the honey that is produced. Through media campaigns and publications we educate, inform and advocate for the restoration of wild habitat; we demand at least a 300-year view of planning and we seek to re-wild contemporary culture.
Wild Christmas
Decor Pack - $20
Large Cosmic Christmas Tree - $200

Small Potted Christmas Tree - $65
A Small Christmas Tree
2-5’ Tall - $40

Our Work

The Wildcraft Forest is home to the Wildcraft Forest School where we offer skills, insights and inspiration for creating good stewardship and positive change in the world. We engage our participants in transformative education that includes wild dynamics, personal empowerment, responsibility and co-mentorship. Our camps and online courses integrate experiential learning and ancient wisdom within the context of wildcrafting and forest therapy that we call Yasei Shinrin Yoku.

Our Extension Program represents projects, tools, advocacy and services which are delivered by the school through student and volunteer engagement and through social enterprise activities like the Emporium which help to sustain and regenerate planet Earth and Sanctuary Forests.

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